Welcome Address

It is our pleasure to welcome you to ICAST School.
Our commitment is putting learning at the heart of all that we do and to making every minute of our students’ and pupils time in school count. At ICAST we believe that education is the key to a happy and successful future and that academic achievement for all students should be at the centre of all that we do each day.
We are excited to administer formal education to the young people in our community and ensuring the academic success that will create positive future for the diverse ethnic groups within our community and beyond. ICAST is a mixed school which is truly comprehensive in nature. At ICAST we believe that all pupils and students should have the opportunity to go to secondary school and university respectively irrespective of their background and we are proud of the fact that each year students from ICAST gets admitted into standard secondary schools and country’s top universities.
ICAST offers a wide-range of enrichment opportunities in order that students leave the school with the skills and knowledge that will ensure they play a full part as citizens in the local, national and global community.
The enrichment programme at ICAST School and Prevarsity provides students with experiences that inspire and challenge Them to be better version of themselves.
We also offer a range of enrichment activities that include Sports Clubs, Computer Programming, Debating Society, Music and Art Clubs. We are a school that is both focused on learning, but which also develops student character. It is our expectation that ICAST students have respect, integrity, maturity and pride in themselves and their school.
We are always pleased to welcome visitors to the school. If you would like to visit ICAST and see for yourself the opportunities and experiences that we provide. Please contact the school office.
We are looking forward to meeting you.